Upcoming Events

Tuesday 29th July 2014 is 1st Shawal

Monday 4 August 2014
Demolition of Jannat ul Baqi

Monday 11 August 2014
Shahdat Imam Jafer e Saqiq (AS)




Namaz e Maghrabain: 7.20PM

Majlis: 7.45PM

Momineen intending to recite Salaam/Nauha are requested to contact Mr.Azhar Hussain or Syed Raza Shamsi (mobile number 6438 1442/63445032) to make appropriate arrangements.

As transmitted from Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq AS, it is highly desirable to take out sadqa and recite 2 rakat namaz at the start of the new month.

Those who wish to recite Salam, pls inform the committee in advance.

Momineen are requested to update their contact details by sending SMS to 64381442 or 97761440.

Those who wish to contribute/sponsor Milad/Majlis, pls contact Mr Azhar Hussain (6438 1442)/SRH Abedi (977 61440)

Appeal for Donation: Mo’mineen are requested / reminded to please update their subscriptions and donate generously to support the various activities…. Bank Details: NBP (HK Main Branch) 111 – 715 – 1)